• Telecommunication systems & phones

    We can save you up to 80% of list price on every refurbished telecommunication systems and phones we sell .Every sale fully guaranteed

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  • Networking , Data and Carrier equipment

    We provide professional quality refurbished Networking, Data and Carrier equipment at discount prices up to 80%. of listing price. Every sale is fully guaranteed

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  • Routers, Switches & Servers

    We can supply all different types of routers , switches and servers in new , refurbished or used condition. We can provide a current as well as models which are no longer produced and are difficult to find.

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"BH Telecom GmbH is a global supplier and reseller of new , refurbished and used world’s most popular telecommunications equipment."


B&H Telecom GmbH

is a leading global provider of quality refurbished VOICE – NETWORKING & DATA equipment.

B&H Telecom is a resource for resellers, integrators, maintenance organizations, and commercial accounts looking to buy, sell, or trade used Telecommunication , network and data equipment. Read more