B&H Telecom GmbH is big volume reseller of NEW / REFURBISHED / used Telecom and Data equipment of most popular manufactured brands.

We are known for our low prices/ We have a very large inventory of pre-owned Voice & Data hardware from most of the leading manufacturers such as: SIEMENS, AVAYA, NORTEL, CISCO, AASTRA / ERICSSON, ALCATEL, LUCENT, POLYCOM, HP and many more. We sell at discounts up to 85% off manufacturer's list prices. variety/good quality and fast delivery for all the telecom equipment we sell

B&H Telecom GmbH, is a leading global provider of New and quality Refurbished VOICE – NETWORKING & DATA equipment. B&H Telecom is a valuable source to resellers, integrators, telecom operators, maintenance organizations, and big companies when it comes to buy, sell, or trade new refurbished & used telecommunication, network and data equipment.

Based in Dusseldorf Germany, B&H Telecom GmbH is committed to providing quality pre-owned Voice and Data equipment that enable clients to build and maintain their infrastructure more cost effectively.

Being BIG VOLUME resellers we are offering discounts up to 75%, on most NEW Telecom brands.

Over 350 clients (organizations) around the world rely on B&H Telecom for top-quality fixed line & networking hardware. Our clients range from big telecom companies to government agencies, networking consultants, Internet service providers as well as many big and smaller End Users (Banks, automotive industry/ government/ Hotels et many more).

B&H Telecom’s strong purchasing power guaranties constant availability and large stocks for many current and older refurbished -new and used products, offered to customers at AAA refurbishment quality with discounts up to 80% off the list prices. We make sure to have at all times, large inventories for most well-known brands for telecom, networking, data systems and accessories. B&H Telecom is able to pass the savings onto the customer with pricing hard to beat by our competition. We guarantee the quality of every pre-owned hardware purchase with an up to one-year replacement or money back warranty.

Our experienced technical and sales team will support and advice any prospective client on how to optimize the ratio “value to purchase” of all our sales on refurbished & used hardware.


Our mission

Full attention to our client’s needs, outstanding quality for whatever equipment we sell and “value for money” make us one of the better independent distributors of new and remanufactured telecom and data equipment globally Our goal is in becoming the premier provider of refurbished or used telecommunication’s equipment by focusing on product quality for most major PBX brands and Key Systems. Enjoying the loyalty our customers are giving us back, our business expanded rapidly to support a growing number of telecom companies’ government agencies, network companies & consultants, internet service providers &  

End User Clients all over the world.

Our history

Since its beginnings, in 2004, B&H Telecom GmbH has become one of the larger and well-respected suppliers of refurbished & pre owned telecommunications equipment. This success is a result of the strict yet simple principles of quality products offered at big discount, superior customer service and satisfaction. This belief has stood firmly throughout the company's phenomenal growth. Key year for our growth was the 2009, when our strategy focused on increasing our product diversification & distribution. This led B&H Telecom to acquire a company based in the Netherlands named “Telecom Team VoF”, specialized in refurbishing and testing telecom hardware in general. Since then, we continued to support the existing clientele while expanding its customer base. Our steady and rapid sale’s growth, is solely attributed to past and current referrals from customers that are using for purchasing their telecom & network equipment from B&H Telecom. All our management team possess higher education diplomas while our sales people all have a rich sale's experience